bulles de champagne Champagnes de vignerons, créateurs de champagnes bulles de champagne

Champagne Marc Chauvet, a winemarkers champagne

The wine growers of Champagne, the real "creators of Champagne"...

Owners of almost all the vineyards of Champagne (90%), the champagne winegrowers are more than 15000. They cultivate hillsides in family farms which average areas greater than 2 ha.

Real "creators of Champagne", champenois winemakers, shape for generations, multifaceted Champagnes. They promote the expression of the terroir, with traditional, environmentally sound agricultural practices respecting quality and the environment.

They are grouped under a collective mark "Champagnes of winemakers", reflecting shared values : with know-how of each winemaker, transmitted from generation to generation, diversity, and quality of wines developed.

Clotilde and Nicolas belong to this noble family of wine growers. Harvesters Récoltant Manipulant (RM), they have fully mastered their production, from the vine to the grape, the juice to the bottle.......


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