Spécial Club 2005

The style

Jewel of our range, cuvee SPECIAL CLUB, treasure of Champagne is developed only in exceptional years in limited quantities and in accordance with the Charter of the "Club treasures of Champagne" is the oldest and most accomplished of our vintages (year 2005), fruit of a blend of our best plots, stemming from a slow aging (between 7 and 9 years) at temperature constant, in our cellars of Champagne.

The development

Assembly : 30%, Pinot Noir, 70% Chardonnay.

Year 2005 : very nice summer champagne. Ageing on the lees in bottle for 8 years.

Production : 5200 bottles

The sensations

Visual pleasure : delicate collar, brilliant yellow and light.

Olfactory pleasure : Champagne expressive, subtle mixture of minerals, fruity and slightly spicy flavor.

Gustatory pleasure : Palace, you will enjoy the liveliness, lightness and finesse of this Champagne of terroir. Grilled and mineral nose, sensations at the end-of-mouth with touches of exotic fruit and honey.

Harmony food and wine : Cuvee SPECIAL CLUB 2005 beautifully accompanies scallops seared in butter.

The opinion of Clotilde, the oenologist

The cuvée SPECIAL CLUB 2005 is a Champagne of perfect maturity, structured, with finesse. Very bright for a wine of 8 years of age, it is a delicate, subtle wine that I would call "aerien". The wine has a very low dosage to bring out the richness of the soil...


Clotilde and Nicolas are members of the Club Treasures of Champagne : the intransigence of quality is the unifying element of this group of thirty independent winegrowers.
Producers bottles have a special form called
Spécial Club. In this bottle, we find the best of each. This cuvee represents the quintessence of each field on a given vintage.
The Club establishes very strict rules for its members :
Spécial Club production is only possible in exceptional years of harvest; the cuvée shall contain vintage wines have met the criteria of several tastings (in 'clear wines' before bottling, and after 3 years of aging in bottles) carried out by a committee, composed of professionals, winemakers and wine growers.

For the consumer, it is a genuine quality label...

Champagne Marc Chauvet Spécial Club

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