Brut Millésime 2012

The style


Made only from high-quality crops, Millésimes are always character champagnes that have complexity, scale and length in the mouth... Each vintage is unique and has different characteristics depending on the climatic conditions of the year, blend and the talent of the winemaker. You will appreciate all the aromatic richness for the aperitif.

The development

Assembly : 60% Pinot Noir and 40% of Chardonnay.

Year 2012 : beginning with a very hot summer and a beautiful back season. Ageing on the lees in the bottle for 5 years.

The sensations

Visual Pleasure : nice dress with golden and shiny reflections.

Olfactory pleasure : great elegance, aromas of bread spice and dried fruit, slight touch of brioche with a final rather mineral touch.

Gustatory pleasure : a Champagne which offers  beautiful volume, from delicate citrus flavors and a nice length on the palate.

The opinion of Clotilde, the oenologist

Unlike the extremes of 2011, the Indien summer in Champagne allowed a slow and complete maturity.

Years follow each other but never make the same wines!!



Champagne Marc Chauvet Millésime 2004

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